Victimology: Theories and Applications, Second Edition

Ann Wolbert Burgess; Cheryl Regehr; Albert R. Roberts

ISBN: 9781449665333
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Revised and updated to reflect the most current and relevant information in the field, Victimology: Theories and Applications, Second Edition provides a comprehensive introduction to the study of victimization, crime typologies, and the impact of crime on victims, offenders, and society at large. Each chapter provides a typology of the offender to analyze motivation. An overview of the issues impacting victims of a wide variety of traditional and contemporary crimes are examined, including child maltreatment, intimate partner violence, elder abuse, cyber crime and hate crimes. The history and theories of victimology are explored, as well as definitive laws and policies, strategies for intervention, and future research areas. New to the Second Edition: -All case studies have been updated to offer students a modern perspective -All tables and figures have been updated to reflect the most current data -Contains a NEw chapter discussing sexual boundary violations -Every new copy is pacakaged with a free student access code to unlock the variety of interactive study tools on the companion website Key Features: -Covers current topics including: Human Trafficking, Home Invasion, Victims of Gang Violence, Victims of Terrorism, Victims of Natural Disaster, Wrongful Convictions, Racial Profiling and Disproportionate Penalties. -Contains chapter outlines, key terms, discussion questions and a summary in every chapter, to facilitate student comprehension and classroom conversation. -Offers a balance between theory and the research and practice-oriented tools for readers who will work with victims, offenders, and the justice system.
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