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Please visit and reach out to us with questions regarding your account or redeeming an access code.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I access my eBook on a computer?

PUBLISH eBooks are accessible on desktop computers and laptops (running Windows or Mac OS). Note: you must be connected to the Internet.

On what mobile devices can I access my eBook?

PUBLISH eBooks are accessible on all mobile devices except Android. You can download the PUBLISH eReader App for iPad by clicking here; or you can access your eBook by visiting the eBookshelf page in your mobile device's Web browser.

Does my custom PUBLISH eBook expire?

Yes, please check your eBookshelf for the time remaining on your eBook.

Can I copy and paste from my custom PUBLISH eBook?

No, copying and pasting is not available.

I lost my Access Code. What can I do?

If you purchased an Access Code from Jones & Bartlett Learning, please visit our Technical Support page: If you do not have an Access Code, please visit to purchase one using the ISBN provided by your instructor or institution.

What are "tags" on My Bookshelf?

Tags provide a way to quickly categorize your eBooks. You can assign as many tags as you want to each eBook. For example, an eBook can be tagged by course, by subject, by semester, or by professor. You can type new tags or choose from tags you’ve already entered. You can also sort your eBookshelf by tag.

PUBLISH eReader for iPad App Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log in to the eBook reader app?

After registering your account at and redeeming your access code, log in to the eBook reader app using the same username and password. Your eBook will appear in your app.

How do I read my eBook?

After logging in to the app, tap the cover image of the eBook you want to read.

How do I navigate through my eBook?

You can swipe left or right to move backward or forward through the eBook, one page at a time. You can also click the Table of Contents button in the header row to skip directly to the beginning of any of the chapters in your eBook. Or, use the slider at the bottom of the reader window to quickly flip through the pages of your eBook.

Can I search for text in my eBook?

Click the magnifying glass button in the header row, then enter your search term; then press the Search button on the keyboard. Tap any of the results to go directly to the page where the search term appears.

Can I set a bookmark?

Yes, click the star button in the header row. Browse through your bookmarked pages by clicking the bookmark icon. Unbookmark a page by clicking the star button while the bookmarked page is open.

Can I highlight text in my eBook?

Tap and hold a word to begin selecting your text. Use the handles to adjust your selection. Click “Highlight” to highlight your selection; you can change the color of the highlight to yellow, purple, red, blue, or green. You can remove your highlighting by tapping and holding the highlighted text, then clicking Remove.

Can I share text from my eBook?

Yes. Tap and hold a word to begin selecting your text. Use the handles to adjust your selection. Click “Send” to reveal the options in the share menu: share by e-mail, Twitter, or Facebook.

Can I print my eBook?

You cannot print your eBook from the mobile application.

Can I annotate my eBook?

Yes, click the marker button to reveal the annotation tool. Choose a color and a brush size, then use your finger to begin drawing directly in the eBook. Use the undo button (U-turning arrow) to remove your most recent annotation. Use the eraser button to remove all of your annotations from the page.

Can I take notes in my eBook?

Yes, click the button underneath the marker button (in the upper-right corner of the reader window). You can type notes into the text box and click “Ok” to save them. Delete your notes by clicking “Clear”.

What if I have other questions?

Please visit our full tech support page at for more information.