Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process for creating a custom edition and assigning an ISBN?

The user-friendly PUBLISH platform guides you through an easy step-by-step process for choosing content, uploading original content, previewing content, customizing a cover, and assigning an ISBN. The interface also tallies the page count and price as the book is being built. The final edition will be automatically repaginated and a custom table of contents and index will be automatically generated.

Creating PUBLISH orders just got easier! We now offer a new way to create your order via the easy to fill-out “PUBLISH Project Order Form”. The Order Form allows the user to fill-in all necessary project information i.e., titles, chapters, housed in one document. The form then will be directed to your Account Specialist who will create the order and reach out once it has been placed.

Are there restrictions relating to number of pages, size of order, and type of binding?

The PUBLISH interface makes it easy to customize the amount of content. The minimum page count per edition is 60 pages. The minimum order quantity is 25 copies for a first printing and 10 copies for a reprint. The binding is paperback.

Can I customize titles that are not in the content library?

At this time, PUBLISH only supports titles that are included in the content library. New content is being added each semester. You can request that specific content be added to the library by contacting your Jones & Bartlett Learning Account Specialist.

Can I add my own material to a PUBLISH edition and if so, what is the cost?

You can add material, provided you own the copyright. At this time, PUBLISH does not support uploading copyright protected third-party content. Whether you use your materials or ours, the per-page cost follows the same pricing model. Additionally, PUBLISH editions must contain a minimum of 51% of Jones & Bartlett Learning content.

Can I customize at the page level or only at the chapter level?

PUBLISH supports chapter level customization.

Can I view the entire text of a title before selecting chapters?

Yes, as long as you are registered with PUBLISH.

Will my PUBLISH edition be printed in black and white (B&W) or color?

All front and back covers are printed in color. For the interior, PUBLISH makes it easy to choose between B&W and color by displaying estimated costs for each. Please note, while PUBLISH allows you to create a project containing both color and B&W content, the final product can only be printed in either B&W or color.

What about access to online resources like Navigate TestPrep or Navigate CourseManager? Can PUBLISH editions include access to these resources?

Access to resources can be included with your PUBLISH edition. Please contact your Account Specialist for more information.

If an interruption occurs while building a custom edition in PUBLISH, will the session and work be saved?

Yes, any work will be saved and available the next time you log in to PUBLISH.

Can I view a complete PUBLISH edition prior to placing an order?

You will be given the option to view a complete watermarked print-ready PDF of your PUBLISH edition prior to submitting an order.

What happens after I finalize my PUBLISH edition?

Your Account Specialist will review your request and approve your PUBLISH edition or contact you with any questions. You will receive a confirmation email when your Account Specialist approves your PUBLISH edition.

How will students purchase a PUBLISH edition?

Once a PUBLISH edition is completed and an ISBN is assigned, the bookstore simply places the order with Jones & Bartlett Learning customer service and copies will arrive at the bookstore within a few weeks, ready for purchase by students.

Can PUBLISH editions be returned?

There is a maximum of 10% returns with prior authorization.

How long does it take after an order is created on PUBLISH for the custom edition to arrive in the bookstore?

PUBLISH editions typically take about 2 to 4 weeks from the time the order is placed. Once the edition is compiled and printed, you will receive notification that the PUBLISH edition has shipped.