2022 Annual Health Reform Update

Sara E. Wilensky; Joel B. Teitelbaum

ISBN: 9781284264517
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This 2022 Health Reform Update offers a concise examination of health reform in the United States and a comprehensive look at the key components of the Affordable Care Act (ACA); the transition from the Trump administration to the Biden administration, including content related to legislation and regulatory changes attributable to Biden's first 6 months in office; and updated insights on the political climate regarding the Affordable Care Act. It also explores all previous attempts at health reform, as well as the core rulings of multiple U.S. Supreme Court decisions related to the ACA, and key issues going forward. This 2022 update also includes new content regarding COVID-19 health disparities. Classroom-tested, this update offers learning objectives, a vignette, updated statistics, new textbox distinctions (offering discussion questions, special topics and technical spotlights) that will spark student dialogue and critical thinking. This unique analysis serves as an excellent supplement to any textbook for courses across the spectrum of the health care disciplines, including Public Health, Health Administration, Medicine, Nursing, and other Health Professions.
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  • 53 pages
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    Chapter 1 Health Reform and the Patient Protection
    and Affordable Care Act
    Author: Sara E. Wilensky; Joel B. Teitelbaum

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